Full-service bookkeeping
We offer an extensive range of full-service bookkeeping services, that can include as much or as little help as your business requires. Services include tasks such as bill pay, invoicing, account reconciliation, and financial reporting, just to name a few. We can help with all or just some of these bookkeeping tasks.
We provide personalized payroll services that accommodate all of your payroll needs, whether they be hourly, salary, commission, or a pay structure unique to your business. Payroll services include submitting payments to the appropriate government agencies, quarterly / annual payroll tax returns, & W-2’s.
Whether you are a beginner looking to get started, or a veteran stuck on a specific task, we offer one-on-one QuickBooks training that is completely customized for your specific needs. Don’t pay for QuickBooks training that doesn’t apply to your unique needs - get the training that addresses exactly what you need.

Full-service Bookkeeping

Personalized Payroll

QuickBooks Training

CCBSI provides bookkeeping and administrative services that your office may not have the time or expertise to handle. The company is owned by Lin & Rob Shurtleff, who have provided bookkeeping services since 1995 using QuickBooks accounting software.

Our services are customized to fit your unique, individual needs. We can implement systems to more efficiently operate your business, as well as computerize your bookkeeping records.

We welcome all businesses and individuals who are in need of our services. Once we have entered your data into QuickBooks, its easy-to-understand format will help you make sense of your cents. Contact us today. 
bookkeeping, payroll, and quickbooks training - making sense of your cents

Common Cents Bookkeeping - Making sense of your cents!

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